Nanocomposite coating technology escorts aircraft

2019/8/22 10:17:33

    The new nano-composite coating technology developed by metal research institute of Chinese academy of sciences has been successfully used in large transport aircraft, which has significantly improved the anti-corrosion performance and overhaul quality of aircraft. So far, of the three aircraft using the technology, two are four years and four months old after major repairs, and the other is two years and one month old after major repairs. All the anti-corrosion coatings on the surface of the three aircraft are in good overall condition, without aging failure phenomenon, which is obviously superior to the protective effect of the body coating before overhaul. The technology is expected to be used in many types of aircraft.

    Due to the environment and other factors, the original use of imported high-grade coating coating aircraft skin coating in less than two years appear powder, fall off phenomenon, aircraft skin local corrosion, not only make aircraft safety decline, but also increase the maintenance time, greatly reduce the use efficiency.

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