Intelligent semiconductor electrothermal film subverts the traditional home appliance heating era

2019/8/22 10:26:01

    It is well known that food heating goes through a long process from firewood to coal to electricity. And household appliances from resistance wire to electromagnetic to microwave heating this walked more than a century. This traditional heating method has been applied to various fields of heating appliances, but there are problems with each heating method, especially the nutrition reservation of food becomes the most critical core.

    From August 12 to 14, 2019, the new product of intelligent semiconductor electrothermal film, led by shenzhen zhonghe nanotechnology development co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "zhonghe"), will be launched at the 27th China small appliance fair (hall C 3T19, zhongshan huangpu international convention and exhibition center, guangdong).

    In this exhibition, displaying its downstream home appliance product plant common and far infrared heater, heater, kettle, transparent insulation plate, vacuum cup mat, device and other transparent cattle preheat temperature milk, steam iron, hair dryers, straightening and disinfection cabinet, etc., everything subverts the traditional life appliance function, structure and appearance, really smart, energy-saving, environmental protection, health.

    It is understood that the neutralized electrothermal film heating plate has truly achieved the nanometer level, with uniform heating, high efficiency and energy saving, and super heat conduction, which can reach 200C in 2 seconds and 900C at the highest. Wide voltage, traditional heating can not do; Safe, environmental, green, healthy and noiseless; Health zero consumption of oxygen, zero consumption of water, original food retain nutrition; Transparent heat conduction, light transmittance reaches 93% suitable for all kinds of visual applications such as car windscreen and so on.

    Zhonghe has studied in this field for 7 years, with registered capital of 10 million yuan and r&d investment of more than 60 million yuan successively, leading the domestic level in r&d, production and application technology of nano electrothermal film. The company always adhere to the "pragmatic, innovative, efficient, excellent" business philosophy, is willing to work together with the appliances industry to create a beautiful and healthy home.

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