Q1:aWhat difference Zonvoo Nano electrothermal film vs. market PTC/Metal thicker film/Carbon fiber /Rare earth film ?

A1:Zonvoothermoelectricfilmfull name isthenano-metaloxidefilm,alsoknownasthesemiconductorintelligentfilm.Thefilmvs.

rareearthfilm,carbonfilmandPTCisverydifferent,because the filmisalreadymeltedtogetherwith the carrierwillnotdecay,

breakandaging,temperaturereahesup to 500degrees or more,butthethickfilmisattachedto the carrier,easytocrackordry

burningdamageledtopowerdecayandcannotbeused .


Q2:What are the advantages of medium-to -conventional electric films over conventional heating element? 

A2: Energy saving 30-50%, high thermal efficiency, wide voltage, fast heating, heating up speed is about

80C per second, precise temperature control, positive and negative deviation of no more than 1C.


Q3: How long is the life of the element?

A3:20000 hours


Q4: What are the areas of use of the EF element? 

A4: In in dustry of agriculture, medical care , home

appliances , physiotherapy health care and other fever , belongs to clean energy.


Q5: Is there a market for products that use a EF element for finish products?

A5: Yes, three years ago the FAGER RF hop plate using our membrane.

Q6: How do I distinguish between thick film and EF from appearance?

A6: Thick film generally has feel, there is printing up , with the carrier is

partially integrated, and the EF element is melted with the carrier, so the

extension performance is the same , there will be no break or aging occurred.


Q7: What are the benefits of the application of EF element used in the heating industry? 

A7: Substitute traditional heating elements, energy saving, heater transfer very quickly,

not dry, purify the air , remove odor, produce negative oxygen ions.

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